Trash Compactor & Waste Management Customization

Over four decades of product design and installations have proven that no two installations are the same. Optimizing the equipment selection is only the beginning. Designing and installing the best in-feed for your application takes experience and the mandate to do what’s right; not just sell ‘what’s on the shelf’.

At Rotobale, we offer a variety of basic in-feed designs as a starting point. Our design review shows you what’s possible, exploring all options and opportunities to make the final solution more efficient. For example, through-the-wall chutes and walk-on enclosures offer alternatives for simplifying access and for ease of sorting recyclable materials.

From this point, each installation is designed and manufactured in Rotobale’s facilities ensuring accuracy when it arrives at your site.
These components turn your waste handling solution into an extension of your existing building, freeing up floor space and optimizing the safe management of waste or recyclables.

Count on Rotobale to help you select the best equipment and installation configuration to serve your immediate and future needs.

Walk-on Weather Enclosure

Walk-on Weather Enclosure Interior

Rear Wall Chute

Weather Enclosure with Side Chute

Walk-on Deck with Safety Railing

Hinged Door Hopper

Open Hopper with Access Door

Rear Counter Balance Lid

Enclosed Hopper with Cart Dumper

Retractable Manual Crank Chute