Commercial Waste Pre-Crusher


A pre-crusher compactor is an excellent way to reduce the amount of space your waste takes up in a trash container. With a pre-crusher, you’ll pack more and spend less from its first use. As part of your stationary compactor, a pre-crushing system is ideal for reducing bulky items, pallets, drums, and other products to a fraction of their original size.

The Rotobale pre-crusher is designed to efficiently reduce trash volume before it is compacted into a trash container, resulting in fewer trips to the landfill. As the packing ram moves through the charge box with a high level of force, it effectively crushes everything against the pre-crusher’s vertical steel wall. The wall is then raised and the ram fully extends, compacting the refuse into the attached container.

Rotobale’s pre-crusher is ideal for crushing drums or destroying furniture or merchandise that may otherwise make its way back into commerce. By pre-crushing bulky waste items in advance of compacting them into a container, volume is drastically reduced and payloads are increased in excess of 30% when compared to regular compactors.

Why Choose a Pre-Crusher Compactor from Rotobale?

There are many reasons to choose a pre-crushing solution from Rotobale:


  • Our pre-crushers are available in a variety of configurations to meet your needs – we can engineer a custom installation for your facility
  • Rotobale’s products are designed to be eco-friendly, safe to operate, and efficient
  • All waste crushers are designed for high performance while using less energy, thereby saving you money
  • After installation, we offer 24/7 product service and support for any questions you might have about operating and maintaining your pre-crusher

Want to learn more about how our waste crusher can help you reduce trash volume? Contact Rotobale Compaction Solutions today to find out how a commercial can crusher or pre-crusher can benefit your bottom line. Call 1-800-565-8027.