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Self Contained Trash Compactor

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Rotobale has used its 40 years of manufacturing waste and recycling equipment to design our RC Series Self Contained Compactors with the most compaction in the industry; utilizing our low ram face design combined with 16” ram penetration more waste and recyclables get packed into the container, making it the most cost-efficient compactor by reducing your trips to the landfill.


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RC-Series Product Sheet (PDF)


RC-Series – View Operational Documentation (PDF)


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  • 16″ ram penetration within the container, the “most in the industry”
  • Ram dwells against the load increasing compaction
  • Solid steel bubble door for more compaction capacity
  • Newly designed “No Leak” door gasket
  • 4.5″ cross cylinder design ideal for tight spaces allowing for a steeper chute
  • 43″ feed height designed for easy accessibility
  • Manufacturer’s safety declaration


  • Reduces haulage costs as the RC Series of Self Contained Compactors pack more than the industry standard
  • Eliminates liquid/waste spillage, leakage and odour utilizing our liquid tight seal
  • Provides a safer and cleaner environment as there is NO ACCESS to the container
  • Increase waste and recycling capacity up to 35% with our 44 yard self contained compactor
  • Ideal for: Supermarkets, Restaurants, Plazas, Hotels and Manufacturing Plants

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