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Rotobale is one of the largest waste management companies in Canada, manufacturing and distributing waste compaction and recycling equipment since 1968. We have manufactured and installed thousands of recycling and compaction equipment products all over the country. Our esteemed clients include commercial and industrial organizations, grocery stores, property management firms and federal and provincial governments. Clients choose Rotobale Compaction Solutions over other waste management companies in Canada because of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. We have developed a wide selection of products that are safe, efficient, easy to operate, durable and cost-effective. Some of innovative features of our compaction and recycling systems are:

Rotobale Compaction Solutions Safe and Easy to Operate

Safe and Easy to Operate

At Rotobale Compaction Solutions, one of our main concerns is the safety of workers who operate our equipment. All of our equipment, including compactors and balers, are designed to be extremely safe to operate. All of our products are audited for full compliance with the latest safety standards to ensure they are not just safe but the safest in the industry. As such, all of our compaction systems are available with a PSR exemption and Approved for Use certificate.

Rotobale Compaction Solutions High Performance

High Performance

Efficiency is another winning feature of our products. Our trash compactor and cardboard recycling equipment are designed for high performance and low energy usage – qualities that allow our customers to “Pack More and Spend Less” when compacting and recycling waste. Our systems do not only help our customers to save money, they also help them minimize their carbon footprint.
Rotobale Compaction Solutions Full Turnkey

Full Turnkey Solution

Compared to many companies, we do not just sell our products but forget about them. We actively work with our customers to help them select the right equipment, such as self-contained compactors for handling wet waste, while providing ongoing maintenance support, customizable options, eco-friendly features, and a user-friendly interface. We also take care of the installation requirements by minimizing disruption to your business, offering comprehensive training, prioritizing safety measures, and delivering exceptional after-sales service with prompt response times.

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Waste Management Compaction Systems and Recycling Solutions

Rotobale manufactures and supports a full range of equipment and turnkey compaction systems to meet every customer’s specific requirements based on the volume, the size and the type of waste produced. Rotobale has solutions for wet and dry waste and your recycling needs.

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