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Vertical Cardboard Baler

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Rotobale’s Cardboard Balers and Vertical Balers have been re-designed with the end user in mind. A low feed height combined with a larger feed opening, front of the unit bale tie-off system and automatic bale ejection make Rotobale’s Balers safe and efficient to operate.


Product Sheet

4260 and C-Series Product Sheet (PDF)


XL-42 Vertical Baler – View Operational Documentation (PDF)

XL-62 Vertical Baler – View Operational Documentation (PDF)


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Product Certifications:

Rotobale’s XL-42 Baler received Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Exemption (PSR) and Approved for Use/Production certification.
“This document serves as an exemption under Section 7 of Ministry of Labour Regulation 851 meeting part of the conditions set out in subsection 6.”

Our Vertical Balers have been structurally designed to accommodate a number of recyclable materials including cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminum and rags. Engineered for reliability and durability the XL-42 baler assures high performance, low maintenance and is capable of producing corrugated bales up to 1000 pounds each.

Rotobale’s Cardboard Balers and Vertical Balers provide a profitable, space saving solution and offer a waste recycling advantage to our customers.


  • Low feed height and large feed opening for easier loading
  • Bale tie guide design eliminates the need for rear access
  • Cross cylinder design minimizes overall space requirement – ideal for tight spaces
  • Low maintenance and easy to use hydraulic ejection system
  • Bale weights up to 1,200 lbs on XL-42 and up to 1,700 lbs on XL-62 model
  • Heavy duty construction

Safety Features

Rotobale’s Vertical Baler has been newly redesigned to incorporate enhanced safety features. The totally enclosed rear design and available level 3 interlock with safety monitoring relay make it one of the safest balers in it’s class.

Newly designed bale tie guides at rear of baler eliminate the need for operator to access the rear of the baler. The bale tie process can now completed from the front of the baler resulting in less clearance required at the rear of the baler.

  • NEW Employee safe “totally enclosed” design
  • Gradual release bale chamber door latch mechanism
  • Tamper proof safety switches
  • User friendly control panel comes standard with key start, full light, and emergency stop button
  • Easy access for preventative maintenance
  • Manufacturers Safety Declaration with optional Level 3 Safety Interlock Switch

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