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Rotobale understands the importance of having the right equipment onsite and operational as soon as possible. As such, our compactors and balers are designed to allow for installation in one day – minimizing your downtime, inconvenience and additional costs associated with having temporary bins.

You can start realizing savings right away as Rotobale has completed the background work, up-front!

When you purchase a Rotobale compactor or baler, you are purchasing a total package of end-to-end responsive support, including:

Our site consultation service is your best assurance that you are acquiring the optimal solution to suit your requirements and site conditions. With our experience in manufacturing and installing a wide range of compaction systems since 1968, Rotobale has the expertise to customize a feed application to suit your requirements.

All deliveries and installations are coordinated by Rotobale to coincide with customer priorities and any other on-site conditions such as removal of old equipment, electrical connection, pad pressure washing and/or parking lot paving.

On completion of the installation by our qualified technicians, all equipment is fully tested. Demonstration and training is provided to ensure that your staff who will be operating the equipment has a thorough understanding of safe and proper procedures.

After installation, Rotobale provides 24 Hour Product Service/Support for any questions related to the operation and/or maintenance of the equipment. Simply call 1-800-565-8027.

Frequently Asked Questions

The justification is typically determined by the dollar savings and equipment payback time frame.  A ratio is used to compare the uncompacted waste against the compacted waste.  Savings are achieved through fewer pickups as a result of the compacted waste.  The annual savings are then used to determine the equipment payback time-frame.  If the savings and payback are favorable then the equipment is justified.

The type of compactor required depends on the type of waste product being generated by the client.  For wet waste high volume a self-contained compactor would be recommended.  For dry waste high volume a stationary compactor would be recommended.  For wet or dry waste low volume a vertical compactor would be recommended.  For cardboard waste a stationary compactor or vertical baler would be recommended.   

The size of compactor required depends on the physical size and volume of the waste product being generated.  The amount of space available would also need to be taken into consideration.  The size of baler depends on the amount of cardboard being generated.  Also the ceiling height is a factor when determining the size of baler required. 

The safeguarding of all Rotobale compactors and balers has been reviewed and approved by a 3rd party safety engineering firm.  Category 4 safety interlock switches are provided for feed applications with doors, lids, covers and gates.  Equipment ships with a pre-start health and safety review and approved for use/production certificates.    

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