Vertical Compactors: RV – 4 / RV-6 / RV-8

Product Sheet



The Rotobale line of vertical compactors has been specifically designed to contain wet or dry waste materials. Our vertical compactors eliminate the use of unsightly open refuse containers and also minimize the possibility of pilferage or unauthorized use.

The RV-Series of vertical compactors are ideal for situations in which space is restricted, the volume of wet waste does not justify a larger system, or a roll-off collection service is not available. Their compact design make them ideal for shopping plazas, restaurants, hotels, motels, fast food locations, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and many more locations. They can either be used on the exterior or the interior of the building.


Rotobale’s vertical compaction units are versatile and easy to operate. Our products are audited to ensure that they comply will the latest in safety standards to make them the safest line of compaction equipment in the industry. Rotobale offers complete training after installation is complete to ensure your staff understands the correct way to operate your vertical compactor in the safest manner possible.

Our vertical commercial compactors are available in 4, 6, and 8 yard capacities. All models are equipped with our innovative Roto-teck control cycle system, allowing for improved compaction and higher load density. This results in less trips for your hauler, which translates into savings for you!


  • Low maintenance
  • No spillage
  • Space saving layout
  • Ultra-safe operation
  • Auto-cycle compacting
  • Lockable control panel

Why Choose Vertical Compactors from Rotobale?

There are many reasons to choose a vertical compaction equipment solution from Rotobale:

  • Our vertical compactors are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs
  • We can also create a custom system for your facility, integrating your size, space and efficiency requirements
  • All of Rotobale’s products are designed to be environmentally friendly, safe to use and easy to operate
  • Our high performance vertical compactors use less energy to save you more money
  • After installation, Rotobale offers unmatched 24/7 product support to answer any questions you might have about your vertical compacting system

Want to learn more about how our vertical compactors can help you reduce trash volume? Contact Rotobale Compaction Solutions today for more information on our compaction equipment solutions for businesses like yours. Call 1-800-565-8027.


Model 4 YARD 6 YARD 8 YARD
Dimensions Length A 88″ 88″ 88″
Width B 93″ 93″ 93″
Height C 74.5″ 94.5″ 102″
Height D 42.5″ 58.5″ 65.5″
Charge Opening Height E 28″ 28″ 28″
Width F 48″ 48″ 48″
Weight 3500 lbs 3600 lbs 3700 lbs
Operational Compaction Force 22,400 lbs 22,400 lbs 22,400 lbs
Maximum Compaction Force 22,900 lbs 22,900 lbs 22,900 lbs
Ram Penetration 15″ 15″ 15″
Electrical Motor 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP
Pump Capacity 2.0 gpm 2.0 gpm 2.0 gpm
Cycle Time 14s 14s 14s
Voltage To suit customer’s needs
Electrical Control Voltage 110 VAC 110 VAC 110 VAC
Normal Pressure 1800 psi 1800 psi 1800 psi
Maximum Pressure 2000 psi 2000 psi 2000 psi
Hydraulic Cylinder (1) 4″ (1) 4″ (1) 4″

Specifications are subject to change without notice to accomodate equipment improvements.

Front View

Side View