Compaction Equipment – An Efficient ‘Green’ Waste Disposal Solution

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When getting rid of our waste, we all wish to eliminate it in manner that has a minimal affect on the environment while saving money. One such approach to reducing the amount of waste we generate and dispose of is to use compaction equipment. Compaction is a technique of manipulating solid waste by making it smaller and extra compact. One of the key reasons that compaction of waste is eco-friendly is it takes less up room. Many people are not aware that half the area in a refuse container may very well be air. Compacting bulk waste means space is maximized which decreases the cost of hauling the waste away, particularly in business, industry, apartments, and manufacturing. Compaction can cut back the volume of bulk waste at a ratio of 5:1. Disposal costs are much less as less time is required to haul it away.

Compaction can also be sanitary when disposing of hazardous material, pharmaceutical products, or organic materials. A compacter will enfold the waste in a container that seals which discourages vermin and leakage of fluids as well as stopping odour from being released. Municipalities often deal with solid waste in one of two ways: landfill or incineration. Incineration produces not just the unsanitary ashes but also the process produces many objectionable gasses into the air.

Compaction is not only an effective solution for the elimination of bulk waste, but it is extra efficient in reducing the impact on landfills. Accessible area for landfills are shrinking, cities typically ship their trash hundreds of kilometers away until new landfills are built nearby. Compacted waste takes less up less space, is more sanitary, and stops waste liquid from leaking into the environment. Landfill sites ideally ought to maximize space to reduce impact on the land. Compaction prolongs the life of a landfill by compacting to make use of the air space.

The benefits of compaction, whether for apartment complexes, enterprise, or industry are numerous. They make the most efficient use of space, reduce the costs of waste refusal, stop vermin, and prevent contamination of groundwater. They also extend the life for landfill sites. These all add up to essential environmental advantages allowing for a reduced carbon footprint on the environment and fewer hazards threatening ecosystem.

Today, there are manufacturers and distributors of waste compaction and recycling equipment. These compaction systems used extensively in many commercial / industrial, grocery, government, and property management applications. There are a full range of models to meet specific requirements based on the volume, size, and the type of waste produced. As well, there is compaction equipment that has been specifically designed to contain wet or dry waste materials. A site consultation service is your best assurance that you are getting the compaction solution to fit your needs and site conditions. A site review allows you to explore all options and opportunities to make the final decision and makes installation more efficient. The compaction equipment is designed for high performance and low maintenance.  Commercial compaction equipment is the ideal money saving and eco-friendly solution for the environment.

What Is Recycling Equipment?

Rotobale Compaction Recycling Equipment

Regardless of the type of business that you operate, if you are with the times and environmentally conscious, recycling must be a part of your regular activities.  When businesses actively recycle, it helps the environment and can boost the reputation of the business, too.  Some businesses will end up producing more waste than others just by their nature, but most will produce cardboard and plastic to some degree as a by-product of doing business.  With small businesses, you might be able to get by using bins to hold your recyclables until they are taken away, but with larger businesses you’ll probably have to use some type of recycling equipment to keep everything in order.

Basically, recycling equipment works to compact he recyclable materials or make them smaller, so they take up less space before they are picked up, and so more can be taken away at one time.  Recycling equipment also means that the materials will take up less space while they are waiting to be picked up.  Since cardboard is one of the materials that many businesses can pile up very quickly, it is also one of the main materials that is recycled.  The primary piece of recycling equipment for cardboard is called a cardboard baler.  A cardboard baler is a piece of recycling equipment that is designed to make the larger pieces of cardboard into dense bales.  This action makes the cardboard easier to handle for the employees at the business and for the people hauling it away to the recycling facility.

A crusher is another form of recycling equipment that’s used by businesses that end up with a lot of throw away materials.  As with cardboard recycling equipment, the crusher component helps compact the items down and makes them smaller before they are taken away.  Once the compaction cycle is completed, the crushed materials are then moved into the receiving container.  Recycling equipment is being used at more and more businesses, as they try to conform to bylaws meet requirements to keep the environment and landfills clear of debris that may take hundreds or thousands of years to break down.

Different types of recycling equipment may be found at supermarkets, factories, airports, schools, high rise buildings, shopping centers, department stores restaurants and many more places.  These days, using recycling equipment and other methods to protect the environment is more or less expected.  It wasn’t too long ago that a business that took the time to use recycling equipment to recycle materials like cardboard was considered a special breed or out of the ordinary.  Nowadays, the companies who don’t do their part with recycling are considered out of the ordinary, but not in a positive way.  Any sized business can likely find a piece of recycling equipment that’s suitable for their needs.  The key is to take action and get some sort of recycling equipment to start making a difference sooner rather than later.