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The Benefits of Using a Commercial Trash Compactor

Commercial Trash Compactor by Rotobale Compaction Solutions

One of the byproducts of running a successful manufacturing business, retail store or virtually any type of business is garbage.  Packaging materials, waste from different business processes and just regular trash can pile up very quickly as a company goes about its daily business.  Whether your business is in a busy retail area or more secluded industrial area, the need to deal with the trash it produces is the same.  Letting garbage pile up inside or outside is just bad for business in a number of different ways.  The way that many companies deal with this problem is by using a commercial trash compactor to lighten the load.  As the name suggests, a trash compactor makes your trash smaller, which creates several different benefits for your business.

Convenience and efficiency are two of the primary benefits of keeping a trash compactor around when you own a business.  An efficient trash compactor may only have to be emptied once for every 20 times that traditional garbage collection methods would have to be used.  The actual number will vary depending on your trash compactor and how much trash your business produces, but the efficiency of the entire process will be greatly enhanced, regardless.  And with the trash being tightly compacted inside the unit, it enhances the look and neatness of the surrounding area.  In a retail store, garbage can sometimes overflow the bins behind the store and inadvertently affect the image of the business.  The sloppy look of too much trash in the bins is basically eliminated when a good trash compactor is used.

If your business has to pay to have extra waste hauled away, a good trash compactor will alleviate much of that expense, as it has to be emptied so infrequently.  In most cases, the investment in a trash compactor pays for itself relatively quickly, as you can realize savings in haulage, garbage bags and labor.  No one really considers employees taking bags of garbage out to the dumpster as an expense, but when those trips are dramatically reduced from using a trash compactor, you can assign the employees different tasks that will actually help production.  The garbage bag savings are another small expense that most people wouldn’t even consider, but over time the savings will multiply.

Of course, every business is out to create a more environmentally friendly kind of image these days, and a trash compactor can help with that, as well.  Everything from using fewer bags, to taking up less space in landfills, to fewer trips by the trucks that haul the garbage will enhance the ‘green’ image of a business.  Using a trash compactor, especially in indoor areas of industrial buildings, can also enhance employee safety.  Packaging materials and other waste that overflows the bins or is being stored while waiting to be hauled away can be a hazard.  Employees may slip and fall and the potential for fire is greatly with loosely stored cardboard or other materials.


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