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Stationary Compactor

Stationary Compactors Secure Waste Area

Piece of Mind for Retailers Retailers realize that using stationary compactors instead of open and exposed waste bins gives them piece of mind! Canadian Tire ...
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Vertical Trash Compactor - Rotobale

Compaction Equipment – An Efficient ‘Green’ Waste Disposal Solution

When getting rid of our waste, we all wish to eliminate it in manner that has a minimal affect on the environment while saving money. ...
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Rotobale Compaction Recycling Equipment

What Is Recycling Equipment?

Regardless of the type of business that you operate, if you are with the times and environmentally conscious, recycling must be a part of your ...
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Commercial Trash Compactor by Rotobale Compaction Solutions

The Benefits of Using a Commercial Trash Compactor

One of the byproducts of running a successful manufacturing business, retail store or virtually any type of business is garbage.  Packaging materials, waste from different ...
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