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Due to concerns about the health of the environment, today, there is more of an effort being made towards finding eco-friendly, affordable, and innovative ways of disposing of our waste.  With so much waste being generated each year, more consumers, businesses, and industry are looking for ways to dispose of their waste that have a minimal impact on the environment.  One such waste disposal method that is growing in demand is the use of compaction equipment.

Disposing of waste using compaction equipment involves reducing the volume of solid waste.  By doing so, the compaction process will take the large bulky material and compact it so it is much smaller.  This is an efficient and eco-friendly method of handling garbage as it reduces the volume of the waste by making it more compact so it takes up much less space.  More waste can be stored in a bin or container and there is less waste being put in landfills. In the industrial and business workplace, it is not just an effective ‘green’ solution, but it also reduces the costs of pick up and removal which helps a company save money.  Using compaction equipment can reduce the size of bulk waste at a ratio of 5:1 and less energy is used to remove and dispose of the waste.

Using compaction equipment to get rid of waste is also a safe and sanitary way to dispose of items that can be hazardous such as pharmaceutical products and food products.  For instance, the compaction process will hold the waste in a container that is completely sealed from external elements so there will be no leakage in the environment and animals cannot get into the container.  It is much safer than incineration as there are no chemicals being released in the air or leaks into the soil.  It is also much more expensive to incinerate garbage.  As well, there is higher overhead to run incineration facilities and it is much more expensive to burn the fuel needed for incineration.

Another advantage of compaction is it takes up much less space in landfills.  This means landfills will be able last longer as there is more room being created to hold garbage.  Fewer landfills will have to be created which means more land is being preserved.  Compaction extends the life of a landfill by getting rid of air space.  As well, large communities will not have to transport their waste to sites that are hundred of miles away which saves them money.

Compaction is not just ideal for business and industry, but there are home trash compaction devices that are small enough to fit under counters.  They work like industrial compaction equipment and contain a motor and device that compacts household waste.   A home compaction device will reduce the volume of waste making it more efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable to remove waste.

Whether it is for industry, business, or home use, compaction of waste is an innovative, cost saving, and green solution.  Benefits of compaction include maximizing space in landfills, preventing environmental contamination, reducing waste disposal costs, and reducing energy costs and consumption.   The result is an effective ‘green’ solution that will minimize our impact on the environment. Compaction equipment is an efficient and eco-friendly waste disposal solution.


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