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Building Waste Disposal and Management Solutions

Often, waste from high-density commercial and residential properties is stored in one or more simple open-top containers. While this is better than not storing waste at all, it is far from ideal. Rotobale’s line of building waste management compactors is designed to decrease waste volume, increase pickup efficiency, and reduce the aesthetic blight commonly caused by traditional waste disposal systems.


Residential Apartment Waste Management Systems

Residential property managers find compaction equipment to be highly effective at reducing overall workload and costs. Rotobale’s compactors have compaction ratios up to five times greater than your average bin, allowing for greatly reduced haulage fees. Compactors put an end to blight and mess caused by bin overflow, freeing your employees from trash pickup to focus on more important tasks.

We designed our apartment compactor with the needs of residential property managers in mind. Its high compaction ratio ensures maximum trash capacity and its sleek design means a minimum of intrusiveness. The apartment compactor keeps waste containerized and out of sight, ensuring a clean and safe surrounding area. Odour and pest control systems are also available, and installations can be customized to meet your needs.

Commercial Building Waste Management Services

Commercial property managers must deal with high volumes of waste ranging from paper and cardboard to wet waste. Our range of compacters and balers can be fitted according to your exact specifications to construct the building waste management system you need.

Our vertical waste compactor is ideal for commercial facilities like restaurants and retail stores. It is designed to maximize trash storage while minimizing required floor space. The vertical compacter’s leak-proof design ensures that neither dry nor wet waste willexit the container once inside.

Larger commercial facilities like hi-rise office towers benefit from stationary or self-contained compactors. These compactors accumulate and compress large volumes of wet or dry waste, greatly increasing the amount of time you can wait between pickups. This increase in storage efficiency helps to reduce haulage costs and reduce the all-around workload required of property management staff.

Why Choose Waste Management Services from Rotobale?

At Rotobale, we have 4 decades of experience designing, engineering, and installing waste management systems. We’ve worked with property managers to custom fit waste solutions for many different types of properties. Every Rotobale purchase includes fitting, installation, and usage training from our highly experienced team. Call us now at 1-800-565-8027 to get started designing your ideal building waste management system!


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