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Both multi-unit commercial buildings and high density dwellings such as apartment buildings are generating a constant stream of waste on a daily basis. This waste stream can be a mixture of wet and dry material as well as recyclables. For property managers, an efficient waste management and disposal solution is essential. One solution that has proven to be effective in managing the constant waste stream is compactor equipment.

When a property manager chooses to acquire compactor equipment for waste management and disposal, they will have a number of different types of compactor models to choose from. This ensures that they will get the right high-performance compactor equipment that meets their particular waste management needs. Today, you can find compactor equipment that is designed to meet specific requirements regarding the type of waste produced as well as the size and volume of the waste. These innovative compactors are designed to require minimal maintenance while providing consistent performance.

Property managers looking to purchase compactor equipment have a number of compactor feed configurations to select from which allows them to accommodate their current building design. For instance, wall chutes or cabinet style hoppers are two popular compactor equipment choices. There are many other options. For example, apartment sized compactors are very popular as they are a cost-effective and reliable solution for condominium complexes and high rise apartments. With apartment compactors, unattractive waste is compacted and containerized allowing you to pack more for less. These compactors provide a safe and clean environment.

Vertical compactors are designed to contain wet or dry waste materials while enhancing use of the front-load open-top container. A compactor is installed above an open top container. This allows you to pack more and spend less per load as the frequency of haulage is reduced. A stationary line of compaction equipment is another effective option as this compaction equipment is designed for use with roll-off containers that detach from the compaction unit, making them perfect for dry waste and recyclable materials. These types of compactors are designed for heavy commercial and industrial use. They are ideal for hospitals, light industrial plants, retail stores, and more.

Self-contained compactors are perfect for high liquid content waste as they have the compaction unit integrated with the container or receiver. Self-contained compactors are designed to eliminate liquid waste spillage, leakage and odour by using a liquid-tight seal. Another efficient compactor is the vertical baler. These balers have a low feed height combined with a large feed opening, a front of the unit bale tie-off system and automatic bale ejection. Vertical balers are safe and easy to operate and accommodate various types of recyclable materials.

If you are looking for high-performance, safe, and reliable compactor equipment for your property, check out quality compactor equipment providers who offer innovative top-of-the-line compactor solutions that will help you pack more for less. You will find quality compactor equipment sellers online offering a wide range of high-performance compactor equipment.


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