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Different Types of Trash Compaction Equipment

Different Types of Trash Compaction Equipment

As more and more garbage is produced in society, the subject of trash compaction becomes more and more relevant.  If trash is compacted into smaller and smaller parcels, landfills won’t fill up as quickly and the overall volume of trash is reduced.  Depending on the specific situation, different types of trash compaction equipment may be used to get the job done.  Using the most efficient trash compaction equipment will ensure more trash fits into each container and fewer trips to the landfill are required.

A pre-crusher is one type of trash compaction equipment that helps to cut the overall volume of trash before it gets compacted into a trash container.  Pre crushing items helps to reduce the total volume of trash even further.  A packing ram in the mechanism utilizes a high degree of force to crush all items against the vertical steel wall of the machine.  Once the items are crushed, the wall rises and the ram finishes compacting everything into the attached container.  A pre-crusher is often used for crushing furniture and other bulky items, to break them down and conserve space.

A stationary compactor is a piece of trash compaction equipment that is basically a permanent fixture in one place.  Stationary compactors work well for places like hospitals, retail stores and light industrial plants.  Some stationary compactors are also used for heavier industrial use like manufacturing plants.  Stationary compactors help to lower the expense of haulage and reduce the material handling cost with each load.  Factories and other similar types of businesses produce all sorts of different materials that need to be compacted, and a stationary compactor works well to get the job done.  Office furniture, recyclable materials, industrial waste and regular trash may all be part of what an industrial plant throws out on a regular basis.

A vertical baler is another kind of trash compaction equipment that focuses more on recyclable materials like cardboard, aluminum, rags, paper and plastic.  Using a vertical baler is a space saving solution for many businesses and other organizations.  Some types of vertical balers have hydraulic ejection systems, which cuts down on maintenance, and large feed openings to make the baler easier to load.  It’s wise to use balers that feature heavy-duty construction to ensure it handles everything you want to put inside.

A vertical compactor is a type of trash compaction equipment that is used for both wet and dry items.  A vertical compactor helps to minimize the use of containers that are open, which adds to the aesthetic of the operation because no one has to look at trash just sitting in an open container.  Vertical compactors are generally easy to operate and since they are more compact in design, they work well for restaurants, hotels, fast food places, schools and nursing homes.  The vertical compactor can be placed inside but still needs to be accessible with a roll up door to get it outside so the truck can pick it up to empty it.


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