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Material Handling Equipment

The waste streams in government and public service operations generally consist of dry waste and recyclable materials. Rotobale offers a full range of models to meet specific requirements based on volume, the size and the type of waste produced.

Often termed by Governmental agencies as, “Material Handling Equipment” or “Industrial Waste Reduction Equipment,” our line of refuse containers and compaction equipment addresses many of the challenges faced by municipalities.

Compacting waste materials prior to delivery to a landfill is one of the simplest ways to extend the life of a landfill.

In communities where aggressive recycling programs are in place, compaction and baling services are a financially sound investment for long-term viability and tax-savings. Rotobale offers a wide range of cardboard recycling, trash compactors, refuse containers and recycling equipment.

See how one Ontario Township reduced haulage costs by 75%. {Township of the Archipelago, Ontario }

Ask Rotobale how you can reduce your waste disposal costs, extend landfill life and enhance your recycling programs.

Vertical Compactors

The Rotobale line of Vertical Compactors has been specifically designed to contain wet or dry waste materials while enhancing utilization of the familiar front-load open-top container. Essentially a compactor is installed above an open top container. These compactors eliminate the need for unsightly refuse containers while they minimize pilferage and unauthorized use. This allows you to Pack More. Spend Less.” per load reducing your haulage frequency. Compactors in the Rotobale RV-Series are ideal for locations where space is restricted. Our Vertical Compactors can be delivered with options for loading from any of the four sides to optimize space, efficiency and safety for your specific installation.

Stationary Compactors

Available in several sizes, Rotobale’s stationary line of compaction equipment is designed for use with roll-off containers that detach from the compaction unit and are ideal for dry waste and recyclable materials. They’re big on performance – featuring deeper ram penetration and longer dwell times allowing you to “Pack More. Spend Less.” Designed for heavy industrial / commercial use, the C-Series Stationary Compactors are available in three sizes of charging chambers to suit your requirements, whereas different receiving bin sizes are tailored to your operation and disposal service capabilities. The model 4260 Stationary Compactor is ideal for moderate duty service at light industrial plants, retail stores, hospitals and similar applications.

Vertical Balers

Rotobale Vertical Balers are designed with the end user in mind. A low feed height combined with a large feed opening, front of the unit bale tie-off system and automatic bale ejection make Rotobale Vertical Balers safe and efficient to operate. Structurally designed to accommodate a number of recyclable materials including cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminum and rags, Rotobale’s Vertical Balers provide a profitable space saving solution and offers a waste recycling advantage.

Rotobale’s compactors and vertical balers qualify for a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) Exemption and are Approved for Use/Production certificate. Talk to Rotobale to find out how this exemption can start saving you money the day your equipment is installed!

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