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Grocery Store Wet Waste Management Solutions by Rotobale Compaction

Grocery Store Wet Waste Management Solutions

Grocery stores deal with a large volume and wide variety of products, and thus generate a complex stream of waste. This waste ranges from mass quantities of cardboard to wet waste like spoiled produce. Such a mix of waste products necessitates a more nuanced approach to waste management than is required for many industrial or commercial properties. Further, these waste management activities are often highly visible to customers, requiring unique aesthetic considerations.

Rotobale offers a full range of equipment to manage all waste streams in your locations. Our compactors and balers are powerful, efficient, and discreet, making them the perfect solution for your grocery store recycling and trash disposal needs.

Wet Waste Compactors with Maximum Compaction

By volume, grocery stores produce an extremely high amount of waste. This often leads to very high haulage and tipping costs, since your waste must be picked up frequently. This can really dent your bottom line.

The Rotobale line of vertical, self-contained, and stationary compactors are equipped with deep-stroke rams providing one of the highest penetration rates in the industry. This ensures that our compactors will minimize the volume of your waste, allowing for increased wait time in between pickups and real cost savings.

Aesthetically Pleasing Grocery Store Recycling

Wet waste is notorious for leaking and spilling uncontrollably. This can be a problem when customers are forced to navigate streams of produce juice on their way to buy fresh food.

Our vertical and self-contained wet waste compactors are built to be absolutely leak-free, so you don’t have to worry about waste runoff offending your customers. Unit construction is sleek and unobvious, with all waste materials hidden from view.

Complex Wet Waste Management for Complex Waste Streams

In addition to wet waste compactors, Rotobale offers a line of vertical balers for use in grocery stores. These balers are suitable for compressing all kinds of recyclable materials, like cardboard, paper, aluminum, and plastics. If you’re looking to ramp up your grocery store recycling efforts, a vertical baler could be perfect for your needs.

Why Choose Wet Waste Compactors from Rotobale?

When you buy wet waste compactors from Rotobale, you also buy access to a team of experts with 4 decades of waste management experience. Prior to construction, we’ll visit your site to determine the optimal equipment and placement for you. Then, we’ll install your supermarket recycling equipment and train your team on safe and effective use. We’ll even provide you with 24/7 product support for any questions you may have.

If you’re ready to help your grocery store save money and labour hours, call Rotobale now at 1-800-565-8027. Let’s discuss how compaction and baling technology can solve your wet waste management problems today.


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