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Compaction Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Recycling and Waste Handling

There is no standard template for industrial or commercial waste management. What works for your organization might not work for another, and at Rotobale, we recognize that. Hence why we provide a wide range of industrial recycling equipment designed to be fully customizable upon installation. Whatever your needs, there’s a Rotobale configuration that will work for you.


Full-Service Industrial Recycling Solutions

Industrial waste management presents unique challenges. Volume of waste materials, energy and scheduling efficiency, and safety are all important things to consider. Rotobale manufactures industrial recycling equipment specifically designed to address these issues.

Our compactors are engineered for maximum ram penetration and compaction force, helping you to pack more trash into less space. Our highly energy-efficient units help to cut costs, and our RFID-enabled haul notification systems eliminate the need for costly scheduled pickups.

We have 4 decades designing and installing industrial recycling equipment, so we know what works and what doesn’t. When you purchase equipment from Rotobale, we’ll put this experience to work for you in designing the optimal solution for your situation. All purchases include initial consultation, equipment selection/customization, installation, and training/support over the equipment’s lifetime. Not only will our products work for you, so will our highly qualified team.

Customizable Industrial Recycling Equipment

Each unit we produce can be configured in a variety of different ways. Features can be added or removed depending on your waste profile and site specifications. If your site presents unique challenges, we can engineer industrial recycling equipment from scratch to match your requirements perfectly.

Some of our more popular customizations include:

  • Walk-on weather enclosures to help regulate temperature, protect employees, and manage disposal costs by keeping materials dry.
  • Wall chutes to facilitate through-the-wall trash disposal.
  • Hoppers to prevent employees from reaching into the chamber, ensuring safety.

Commercial Recycling Equipment

It’s imperative for commercial recycling equipment to be functional, safe, and aesthetically neutral. Our commercial solutions are designed to minimize wet and dry waste volume while keeping your site safe and visually pleasing.

Why Choose Rotobale for Industrial/Commercial Recycling Equipment?

Industrial and commercial recycling solutions from Rotobale allow you to realize immediate and long-term cost savings from reduced haulage and tipping fees. The customizability of our systems and expertise of our team allows you to craft a compaction system to your exact specifications. Call us today at 1-800-565-8027 to learn more about industrial recycling equipment from Rotobale.


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