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Hospital Waste Disposal Management

Hospital Waste Management Solution

Since 1968, Rotobale has brought the best in medical waste management solutions to the healthcare industry. Waste management in hospitalsrequires the safe, efficient and customized solutions from an industry leader like Rotobale Compaction Solutions.

At Rotobale, we offer a full range of hospital recycling and waste equipment that will meet your volume requirements and can accommodate the size and type of waste your facility produces. From cardboard recycling to trash compactors, refuse containers and more, we can develop a complete medical waste management solution for your hospital.

Waste Management in Hospital Applications

Hospital waste and recycling products typically include food waste or other general waste produced by the hospital and its patients.To handle this large volume of refuse, Rotobale offers a variety of medical waste disposal systems. The following are just a few of our units suitable for medical waste management:

Self-Contained Compactors

Self-Contained Compactors feature a compaction unit that is integrated with the container, making them an excellent choice for applications in which there is a high level of liquid content waste. Our self-contained units are designed to eliminate liquid spillage, leakage and odour with our liquid tight seal. Rotobale offer 5 models of self-contained compactors that are designed to handle large volumes and lengthen haul schedule installations, allowing you to pack more and spend less. Different bin sizes can be tailored to your facility’s needs.


Vertical Compactors

Rotobale’s vertical compactors are designed to handle wet or dry waste via their enhanced front-load, open-top container. This type of compactor eliminates the need for refuse containers while reducing the likelihood of pilferage or unauthorized use. You can pack more per load, thereby reducing your haulage frequency. Our vertical compactors can be designed with many custom features, and are created with your hospital’s waste management requirements in mind.

Vertical Balers

Our vertical balers for hospital recycling are designed with the end user in mind. These units feature a low feed height and large feed opening, as well as a front of the unit bale tie-off system and automatic bale ejection. Safe and easy to operate, Rotobale’s vertical balers can accommodate a variety of recyclable waste materials including paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, rags and more.

Want to learn more about how we can make your medical waste management more efficient? Contact Rotobale Compaction Solutions today and we’ll help you create a hospital recycling and waste management solution that meets your needs. Call 1-800-565-8027.


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