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Retail Waste Management

Retail Waste Management Solutions by Rotobale Compaction

Retail Waste Management Solutions

Retail operations can have a variety of waste management requirements, consisting of dry waste, wet waste, recyclable materials and more. Therefore, it is necessary to design a complete retail waste management solution that is capable of handling different types of waste and recycling products.

Since 1968, Rotobale has been creating custom recycling and waste disposal solutions for the retail industry. As leaders in waste management, we are confident that we can develop a custom waste disposal system that maximizes space and savings so you can “Pack More. Spend Less.”

Rotobale’s Retail Recycling and Waste Management Solutions

At Rotobale Compaction Solutions, we offer a complete range of equipment suited to retail waste management applications, including:

Vertical Compactors

Rotobale’s line of vertical compactors can handle either wet or dry waste types. Designed using the familiar front load, open top container, these compactors eliminate the need for unsightly refuse containers, and can deter pilferage or unauthorized use. The Rotobale RV-Series units are ideal for retail locations where space is limited. All Rotobale vertical compactors can be custom engineered to optimize space, efficiency and safety for your specific installation.

Stationary Compactors

Our stationary compactors are available in a variety of sizes, and are designed to be used with roll-off containers which detach from the compaction unit. Ideal for both dry waste and recyclable materials, stationary compactors feature great performance with deeper ram penetration and longer dwell times. The model 4260 Stationary Compactor is ideal for moderate duty service at retail stores, and similar applications.



The Rotobale Pre-Crusher can reduce trash volume to a fraction of its original size before it is compacted into a container, resulting in fewer overall trips to the landfill. They are ideal for crushing furniture, drums and other bulky containers. Rotobale Pre-Crushers are often used by retail clients to destroy non-sensitive merchandise that may otherwise make its way back into commerce.

Vertical Balers

Our vertical balers are designed with the end user in mind. Safer and easier to operate, Rotobale’s vertical balers feature a low feed height, a large feed opening, front of unit bale tie-off system, and automatic bale ejection. These balers can accommodate a number of recyclable materials often found in retail waste management situations, including cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminum and rags.

Want to find out more about how our retail waste management equipment can have an impact on your bottom line? Contact Rotobale Compaction Solutions today at 1-800-565-8027 to ask about our custom waste management solutions for the retail industry.


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